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Sandy Rubin Jewelry is the collective work of Orlando-based Artist Sandy Rubin. Sandy earned a bachelors of Fine Art at Florida Atlantic University before moving to NYC to further develop and hone her talents in the jewelry industry by taking classes at an independent jewelry school in Brooklyn.

By fully submerging herself into all facets of the trade, and working for independent designers and boutique retailers both in high-end fashion and vintage & antique jewelry, such as Catbird, Pippin Vintage, and ManiaMania. Sandy honed her eye, hand, and talents over her 10 year tenure in NYC. In this time she also developed close and trusted relationships with suppliers and fellow craftsmen.

In 2019 Sandy relocated to Orlando, FL with the intention of bringing a fresh breath of creativity back to her hometown and for the first time in her career, dedicated herself fully to her creative vision.

Inspired by feelings of nostalgia and our inherent drive for the future, Sandy explores the repetitive motif of the Art Deco era, architecture, retro-futurism, balance, and challenges the traditional themes of femininity and masculinity in jewelry.



Sandy Rubin Jewelry creates fine jewelry that celebrates dichotomy and achieving a timeless aesthetic in an ever-changing world. Our work has drawn inspiration from Art Deco architecture, vintage jewelry, retro-futurism, modernism, and explores the fluidity of time and space; how we exist, interact, and move through it.

Each piece of jewelry is lovingly handmade to order from a small team of skilled jewelers. Every diamond and gemstone is hand selected and hand-set using ethically sourced and conflict-free diamonds that adhere to the Kimberley Process. We use up-cycled and vintage gemstones whenever possible, upon request, to further the circulation of the existing supply chain, and lessen the impact of mining on our natural resources.

With great appreciation of this beautiful planet, we are keeping our footprint to a minimum and continuously finding new ways to be environmentally conscious as we grow and evolve. All of our card stock is printed on recycled paper and our packaging is reusable with our shipping materials being fully recyclable.