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Jewelry Care + Repair


We do not profit on repairs from our collection as we feel it is our duty to keep maintenance as accessible as possible so you can enjoy your Sandy Rubin jewelry for many lifetimes. Instead, the cost goes directly to labor and materials, only.

Repairs generally take between 7-10 business days before return shipment, unless otherwise discussed and will be assessed on an individual basis with cost communicated in advance. Once your jewelry has been assessed, the cost and time frame may be adjusted and this will be communicated prior to beginning with the repair. 

Since we cannot guarantee the work of other jewelers, we recommend having your jewelry serviced through Sandy Rubin directly.


Jewelry Care:

Store your jewelry somewhere safe

Ideally somewhere with a fabric liner and air tight with low humidity or moisture

Avoid chemicals and lotions

Lotions, perfume, and hairspray can cause discoloration of some metals and gemstones

Use mild cleaners for regular cleaning

Our favorite at-home method for cleaning jewelry is with warm water, dawn dish soap, and a soft bristled toothbrush, pat to dry with a clean microfiber cloth

When in doubt, take it off

During physical activity, such as the gym, swimming, climbing, etc. Also whilst cooking and doing regular household chores