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Size Guide

We've put together an extensive list of the conversations we most often have around ring sizing. Our goal is to guide you through the factors you'll want to consider when ascertaining your size. 

If you have any additional sizing questions, please contact us as we are happy to assist.

  • Consider which hand and finger will the ring be worn. As each finger differs from one another, so do your hands; with your dominant hand often being larger than your non-dominant hand.
  • The ring width is also an important factor as the wider the band, the more surface area it takes on the finger, resulting in a larger size. It is recommended to use a ring sizer in the same width for the most accurate read.
  • Environmental factors are also a notable consideration as our fingers tend to swell in the early morning, after a workout, in hot weather, and after consuming foods high in salt and/or alcohol. Respectively, our hands tend to shrink when we are cold. With that, it is important to note where you are in your own personal range when trying on rings or getting sized. It is recommended to check your size more than once.
  • There are chiefly two finger shapes: 
    • There are those who are wider at the base of the finger, which will allow the ring to slide into place easily and hug the finger with a more snug fit.
    •  There are those who are wider at the knuckle, which a ring will feel tight when going over the knuckle and once in place, will have more wiggle room. 
  •  Personal preference, the last consideration but an important one. We always like to take into consideration what the wearer's personal preference is, as some people feel strangled in a snug fit and others feel more secure. If you don't know, that's also OK. This leads us to our next point..


We find to be helpful in getting us to the correct size range. If using this tool, please be sure to keep in mind the width of the ring you are checking against and which finger/hand the ring is worn.


    How to tell if it is too big or too small

    We always recommend wearing your ring for a couple of weeks, so you can get more acquainted and familiar with your personal fluctuations. However, if you feel insecure that the ring will stay on your finger or the ring feels like it is cutting off circulation, stop wearing the ring and contact us for a resize.

    For anyone else, if the ring is turning to the side, this generally is because the ring is top heavy. If this is bothersome to you, we are happy to add beads to the inside of the ring shank to balance out the weight. If interested, please contact us for pricing and details. However, if your ring turns so the center stone falls to the inside of your hand, this is a signifier that your ring is too large. 

    There should always be some resistance. This is important as the resistance is what keeps that ring on your finger. However, if the ring grabs and is uncomfortable when turning it, that is a signifier that your ring may be too snug. 

    Pushing up on the ring to expose the open space is not an accurate indication of an ill fit. First, our fingers are not fully rounded but somewhat malleable and space will be created in this motion. Also, if you happen to be wider at the knuckle, the ring will need to push past that knuckle in order to find its place on your finger and will naturally have more space. 



    In the event of a resize, we will first ask what size you would like your special ring adjusted to. If you are local to Orlando, you are welcome to schedule a visit to our studio to check your size. 

    For anyone else, we recommend visiting a trusted local jeweler as the best way to accurately confirm your ring size. We ask you to please check what width ring they are using to confirm your ring size, and also ask that you bring your ring along and have them check your ring against their mandrill as there is some variance between the different brands of sizers (why this is not universal, I will never know). 


    Resize cost + time frame

    In most cases, we anticipate between 7-10 business days for a resize and the cost starts at $60+. You will receive an invoice once initiating the resize and once your jewelry has been assessed, may be adjusted. This is assessed on an individual basis.